Solution Service

SIP/VoIP Security Audit

NextGen's SIP/VoIP Security Consulting and Vulnerability Audit

  • Security consulting services targets UC & IMS systems using SIP protocol.
  • Service includes Q&A for specification, usage, and testing by way of pseudo attack.
  • Fully customized consultation/diagnostic check suitable for customer's network environment.
  • Verify both security threats and vulnerability.
  • Diagnostic results report details security risk analysis with severity level and proper countermeasure.


For Execution:
Requisites to perform security and vulnerability audit as follows:
  • Gather security incidents on daily task (Security incidents information are limited in public)
  • Own test tools to execute abnormal testing (special device is necessary)
  • Well trained engineers (There are small number of engineers with the knowledge of both VoIP/IMS and security)
NextGen's diagnostic service accommodates customer to be able to:
  • Make security threats and vulnerabilities visible
  • Prioritize the problem
  • Compare the chart(what chart?) with 130+ pre-executing diagnostic trend
  • Properly countermeasure with considerable cost
  • Improve PDCA cycle with the valid security policy

Why NextGen

  • NextGen is the first company to deliver VoIP/SIP security auditing services to telecommunication carriers.
  • You may rely on NextGen associates with their extensive background of Information and communications technology.
Audit for
  • Telecom Carriers
  • Mobile Operators
  • VoIP/IMS System Vendors
  • VoIP/IMS System Integrators
  • VoIP/IMS System Integrators
Diagnosis Target for (Any system using SIP)
  • Unified Communications Server
  • IMS/NGN SIP servers (CSCF)
  • Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • SIP-NAT system
  • IP-PBX
  • VoIP GW
  • SIP Phones
  • M2M Systems
  • IM/Presence system
Testing Protocol (IPv4 and IPv6 support)

Customer’s cases

Consulting over 130 devices/networks.

Standard Diagnosis Test Items
We have automated diagnosis tool to execute 4.5M items as well as manual testing.
The test items were identified in Apr.2013. The actual # of test item differ by 20 ~ 50% after Q&A session.
Standard Procedure
For sample report and detail information, please feel free to contact us!