Solution Service

HSS/HLR Solution

NextGen presents not only EPC facility but also HSS/HLR and SMSC for full-MVNO. We offer our customers one-stop service as well as technical consulting.


By owning HSS/HLR, one will have cost control by issuing its own SIM and enables to develop differentiation strategy with the competitor in the service plan, like introducing multi-IMSI.

Virtual Environment:
- MVNO solution is in software format. HSS/HLR/EIR, GW-STP, and PGW solutions each allows to setup redundancy between facilities using generic IA servers and data centers.

- Custom development for new services including IWF and HSS are available.

One Stop Delivery:
- HSS, HLR, and EIR functions packaged together in one database. 4G connection IF (Diameter) and 3G connection IF (MAP) are merged into IMF and links all of 3GPP to DB with Diameter. MVNO also contributes to cutting down both CAPEX and OPEX.