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Enterprise Solutions

IP/SIP which is developing quickly can provide a potential to enter into the PSTN market with closed specification and special know-how. Communication service has started to shift the system to market in from product out. We need to provide the services which are met each customer's needs as well as traditional general services provided by telephony carriers.

System Integrators meet each major enterprise's needs using IP PBX gateway to realize VoIP now. However, NextGen thinks that VoIP network can be connected directly to carrier network without using IP-PBX and gateway, and on-demand and outsource of large scale voice network will be deployed.

NextGen will work with System Integrators to establish voice infrastructure with advanced customization and deliver it to enterprises as a service. NextGen's business domain is to inspect and develop voice network, especially signaling because NextGen can work with System Integrators.

NextGen believes that it can create a new communication service for enterprises with one's know-how which enabled Japan's first SIP IP centrex, and System Integrators' know-how for customization and integration.

Also, NextGen call this new service infrastructure "Next generation on demand node". The technology of Next generation on demand node has been already implemented for enterprises' network and proven the economic efficiency and reliability.