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Session Border Controller (SBC) software supports various situations, such as the absorption of differential SIP signals in the interconnection between IP phone companies and gateway for SIP signal converter for IP phone services.

1 Box (SC + MC)
2 Boxes (SC Box + MC Box)

Fault Tolerance:
2 Boxes: Redundant Configuration in Active-Standby (SC) and N+1 (MC)
1 Box: Non-redundant Configuration in Active-Standby


Flexible Equipment (Application)
- Connection with large collection of terminals, gateways, SIP servers, and applications without any special customization.

- Flexible facility expansion with an increase number of users and transactions.

High-speed Processing
- Equivalent to hardware SBC enabled by adopting Intel DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit). See the following link:
  NextGen Scales VoIP Session Border Controller Using DPDK

Operation and Maintenance
- Booting and shutting down servers by GUI.
*NX-WPMS (requirement)
- Network SO (Registration/Change/Deletion) by GUI.
*NX-WPMS (requirement)