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Border Solutions

Rapid improving IP technology, especially SIP development can create a new business model and application, and give telephony carriers new challenges.
Switching infrastructure could have flexibility after shifting the traditional switches to SIP server on the general hardware. However, it is not easy to ensure consistency and maintain reliability of signaling and application to diversify equipment.

NextGen border solution is an application to provide telephony carriers with full advantages of the benefit.
Interconnection server and SIP integrated application platform which enable End-to-End connectivity on SIP are one of these applications. These carrier grade products have been already implemented for commercial networks.

NextGen is considering technologies of some features which can be public networks necessary for IP telephone, as a solution partner of telephony carriers.
Mostly, NextGen members need to increase their experiences of public telephone network development and maintenance, and they know that only ensuring reliability of the network is not enough for carrier grade network. In fact, NextGen have many engineers who have a lot of experiences in development of specification on the emergency call 110/109 of the current network on both analog and digital basis.

NextGen has a lot of engineers who have been engaged in traditional switches development, and works for IN (Intelligent Network) solution with their know-how of the common signal network. This solution has already implemented for commercial networks.