Solution Service

NX-C1000 for Enterprise

NX-C1000 is a large scale compatible IP-PBX/IP Centrex server that is used as a VoIP core system of telecommunications carriers. It has multi-tenant function, high reliability and extensibility at carrier level. It also provides cloud-type PBX service for corporations in addition to IP-PBX for large enterprises.


Accommodates group company's IP-PBXs by muli-tenant function.
- Call relief function will switch to backup IP-PBX in less than 1 second.

Correspondence with multiplicity of terminals and services.
- Interconnecting with landline, smart phone apps, video phones, and UC (i.e. Skype for Business).
- Compatible with FMC services by NTT DOCOMO and KDDI.
- Coordinating with cloud phone directory by Phone Appli, Inc.

Small Start applies in consolidated IP-PBX or IP-PBX in private cloud.
- It is a software solution therefore implements in general IA server, data center, or cloud.

Integration with other company's PBX and UC systems.
- Backup with legacy PBX for disaster recovery plan.
- Equipped to connect with UC such as Skype for Business and pickup/hold terminals.

System Configuration Example